No on S, Yes on LA

LAplus is brand new. We are in listening & planning mode, figuring out how best to inspire and advance LA's positive urban future. But we couldn't sit out the debate over Measure S. Measure S is a city of LA ballot measure being voted on March 7, 2017. It would send LA backwards by blocking badly needed new housing and pricing even more Angelenos out of the city. Measure S also sends the message that Angelenos should fear new ideas, fear progress, and fear the future.

To help draw attention to the threat of Measure S, we teamed up with Alissa Walker from the fantastic design group de LaB and Colleen Corcoran, whose designs you've seen for Ciclavia, among others, to put out call for "No on S, Yes on LA" poster designs.   

Join us at an exhibition of these posters,  No on S, Yes on LA @ A+D museum // Tuesday 2/28/17 // 6:30-9:30p. Copies of the posters, lawn-signs and t-shirt silk-screening of images will be available for you to take home.

You can also view and download the posters here to use for online advocacy or to print and display.  The four samples below are by Alex Ogle, Tiffanie Tran, Tiffany Huang and anonymous.

For LAplus' analysis of Measure S, check out our blog...